Becoming a Health Coach Episode 8

Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of my newest podcast. This year, 2018, I have committed to a one-year course to become a certified Health Coach.

The podcast, with episodes released weekly, will cover the material we are learning, my own personal growth, and hopefully some other students on as guests.

Please let me know what you think of the podcast or if you are also interested in becoming a Health Coach!

This week’s lesson focused on the healing capacity of whole foods, how a nutrient-dense diet can aid in disease prevention and accountability coaching.


3 thoughts on “Becoming a Health Coach Episode 8

  1. This was pretty interesting…..gonna have a second listen later on. Should I forward that book or hang onto it until I see you? Love you!



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    1. Glad you liked it! Please just hold onto it until I see you next.


  2. Great job and good luck I am on the same path!

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