17: 6-Month Program, Closing the Deal, and Program Add-ons

This week in Module 15 we are introduced to the 6-month program, the value and significance of the 6-month program, how to close the deal, and add-ons for the program.

15: Clean eating, physical activity

This week's lesson, Module 13, we learned about clean eating and how to take small steps toward a diet based on whole foods, the importance of physical activity and its impact on health and happiness, the effects of exercise that contribute to improved health, longevity, and a reduced risk of disease. We explored physical activity options that align with our own bio-individuality and practiced using active listening, direct communication, eye contact, and high-mileage questions and understand their importance in the client’s self-healing process.

14: Challenging the Obesity Dogma

This week's lesson, Module 12, importance of walking my talk as a health coach. Guest speaker, Gary Taubes challenges the current understanding of the causes of obesity. We also learn about the concepts of volumetrics, metabolic type, calorie density and the usefulness of traditional weight and BMI measurements as a measure of health.

13: Sugar, Finances, and Myers-Briggs

This week's lesson, Module 11, focused on all things sugar. Where is it found and what is the effect on the body. We also learned about the primary food area of finances and how it impacts your health and happiness. We took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and also learned more about conducting a health history.